Highspeed for all

Reach lightning fast speeds - no matter which usenet access provider you use. With MOMENTUM, you can maximize the bandwidth of your internet connection. The software has been optimized for parallel downloads, making it the fastest client for downloading content from the usenet!

Highspeed for all

Intelligent search

Seek and you shall find! In MOMENTUM, search suggestions and a broad set of filter options ensure that you find exactly what you’re looking for.

Intelligent search

It's free

Too good to be true? MOMENTUM was created to be the browser for the usenet. Our goal is to make the usenet simple and accessible for everybody. Free, intuitive, innovative - with MOMENTUM we aim to bring the USENET to a whole new level!

It's free

Security & data protection

Smart filters, integrated community-ratings and our standard of quality in software development ensure maximum security for our users. Data security is our number one prioriyt

Security & data protection

Dark Mode

Come into the dark side of Momentum!

Dark Mode


Together we are strong! The community-focused features in MOMENTUM will take your experience up to a new level! You can even help improve the overall quality of the experience for other users by rating your downloads and exchanging comments with other usenet fans. Share links to releases with your friends to broaden the Momentum user base - our team would celebrate over every single new member of the community!


Saved Search & Favorites

Do you regularly search for the same specific terms? Are you constantly doing the same search to see if new content is already available? Then the Saved Searches feature in MOMENTUM is the perfect solution for you! See the latest search results with just one click, or mark a release as a favorite to easily access it again.

Saved Search & Favorites


With MOMENTUM, you can download and play previews of video releases. This will help you decide whether or not you want to download the complete file or not. No more wasting data volume on low quality releases!


More features:

  • Live Feed

    Watch the action unfold! Stay updated about new releases and comments in our Live Feed.

  • Download Individual Files

    In the "Files" tab, you can choose one or more specific files to download. No more wasting data volume!

  • Favorites

    Mark a release as a favorite using the heart icon to easily find it again later, or to keep track of new comments.

  • Automatic Shutdown

    In the "Downloads" tab, you can choose to automatically shut down your computer once all downloads have been completed.

  • Release Links

    Easily copy and share a link to a release. Clicking on the link will open the release directly in MOMENTUM.

  • Compact View

    See search results, sidebar content, and the header in a leaner and cleaner way using the Compact View.

  • Release Ratings

    Enrich the usenet and help the community by rating the content of a release.

  • Info-Tab with Metadata

    Find an overview of helpful information about a release in the "Info" tab.

  • Sidebar

    The sidebar ensures that your saved searches, your favorites, categories, and a list of all newsgroups stay close at hand

  • Text Newsgroups

    Take part in discussions with the global usenet community in thousands of newsgroups.

  • Download Speed Limit

    In the footer, there is an option to specify your download speed limit if needed.

  • Mosaic-Preview

    See what is included in the release before downloading.


We'd be happy to help!

We work hard to give you the best experience with our software but if you encounter any difficulties, please let us know. We'd truly appreciate your feedback!
If you have any questions, please check out the FAQ Section of our website - the answers you seek might already be available there. Otherwise, send us a message using the contact form below, our Support Team would be happy to help!

Please note, we offer support in English and German only.